Baskerville O.F. ♦ She/Her

A Skeleton and Port Rendezvous's most famous detective. A diligent soul, a bit serious, but loves puns.

Alexabot ♦ They/Them

A young robot found in a closet of a secret lab after the disappearance of their father. Lives with Detective Baskerville and attends Port R High School.

Hell Blazer ♦ She/Her

A Flame Body art teacher at Port R High School and freelance puncher. Good friends with Baskerville and moderates the Baskerville fan forums.

Excelsior Math ♦ He/Him

The youngest Skeleton! A 14-year-old who loves puzzles, cooking, wearing outlandish clothing, and going to the Saturday Night Rave at the Arcave.

Cinnabar ♦ She/Her

A 16-year-old Reptilian who's outgoing, friendly, and a cool, cool gal. Always has her right eye covered with her hair for some reason.

Glowst Ickia ♦ She/Her

A Ghost attending school at Port R High School. She hosts the Saturday Arcave Rave as MC Nerdlord Glowst. Loves milkshakes. No one knows how long she's been around.

Chicago Math ♦ He/Him

A 16-year-old Skeleton and Excelsior's older brother. Self-proclaimed pastel prince. Takes game programming classes.

Dr. Cambria Math ♦ He/Him

Skeleton scientist who worked at the Multi-Dimensional Science Labs before the explosion. Now works at his sons' school as a science teacher.